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Blind cleaning is a must for home owners. You've spent hard earned money on your blinds, protect your investment with ultrasonic cleaning.

Why should I clean my blinds?

Over the years, dirt, dust, grime, nicotine, smoke, and pet odors can contaminate your window coverings. These contaminants can cause irreparable harm and staining if they are not regularly removed.

Household Allergies: Eliminate common irritants by keeping your blinds clean.

Smoke Build-Up: Smoke from fire damage and nicotine build-up causes blinds to discolor, causing them to look old and dingy.

Dirt and Grime: Blind surfaces are perfect targets for cooking grease, dust and germs.

What type of blinds can you clean?

Most types of blinds can go in our ultrasonic machines including Cellular, Silhouette, Faux Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum, Plastic, Fabric and Metal Standard Blinds and Mini Blinds.

Can I clean my blinds myself?

Steam cleaning can damage blind surfaces. Hand cleaning smears dirt and creates static electricity causing surfaces to attract dirt much faster.

Nothing cleans as well as Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning. We use 100% Biodegradable Cleaning Solutions that are environmentally safe.

Our ultrasonic blind cleaning process eliminates spotting and staining. Your blinds are never re-hung wet, but fully dried in a climate controlled environment. Even fabric blinds come out in improved condition.

How much does it cost to have blinds cleaned?

The price will vary depending on the size of the blind and the type of material being cleaned. If you call us at 847-358-0972 we can generally give you an estimate over the phone, but we'll need to know the dimensions, type of blind and manufacturer if known; this information is usually imprinted inside the head rail or on the base or lower part of the blind.

What else do you offer with your blind cleaning service?

Mr. Slats Blind Cleaners offers take down and re-hanging for a small addiitonal fee. We also take the time to check cords, gears and locks and offer a window blind repair service.

Is it more expensive to repair my blinds instead of replacing them?

Not necessarily. In many cases, we can fix your blinds for less than what you would pay to replace them. Call us at 847-358-0972 for more information and a quote.

Whether you are a restaurant owner, property manager, maintenance director, or private building owner a clean place of business is a must. Most business owners clean their business every day, but blinds are ignored.

For a free blind cleaning or blind repair quote anywhere in the Western, North or Northwest Chicago Suburbs, call us at 847-358-0972

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