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Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

About Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

Mr. Slats Blind Cleaners uses the latest water-based ultrasonic cleaning technology with ecologically safe, biodegradable cleaning agents to create the most efficient and positive cleaning experience in today's society and for our future.

Ultrasound energy is created by generators which produce high frequency electricity. This high frequency electricity is then converted to mechanical energy or sound waves through a transducer, which literally makes the water vibrate.

As these vibrating sound waves travel through water, microscopic bubbles form and repeatedly implode upon a given surface. This powerful action removes visible and even microscopic dirt particles making a dirty mini-blind or any other object cleaner through ultrasonic cleaning than alternative methods. Not only is this ultrasonic blind cleaning method completely bio-degradable, user-friendly and extremely effective, but it is fast, safe, and gentle on the blinds.

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning eliminates scratching, pitting, and other damage usually seen with conventional cleaning methods. Steam cleaning can ruin blind surfaces, and hand dusting is the least acceptable solution because it creates static electricity that attracts dirt, causing surfaces to get dirty even faster.

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